Who are you?

I’m Czar Carbonel, your regular 24-year old who loves all forms of art including film.
(and poetry)

Why is this blog here?

1. In my conscious effort to be productive, I mandated myself to consume good art through a strict schedule: 1 book per month, 1 artist per bi-month, 1 film per weekend. This was irreligiously followed since 2009. But so far I’ve been conscientious with the film endeavor.

2. I’ve also been obsessive with documenting all documentable events in my life. So to put permanence into otherwise fleeting opinions and feelings toward the film I just watched, I’ve written down my insights and realizations about the film, post-viewing, in my fake moleskine.

(In short, these aren’t real film reviews that will help you decide if you will watch this movie or not. These are more of a post-viewing supplement – a perspective about the film from another human.)

3. And because it takes 0 cost to publish them in the interwebtz, I thought why not?



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